mosaic quilts

Mosaic art quilts diagonal piecing

I like working with fabric pieces which are not square.  I like piecing three fabrics together into a wonky block, making lots of those and creating a wall art quilt.  These approaches to mosaic art quilts are the most unstructured and challenging from both a design and a piecing standpoint.  But even me…..the wonky, non-straight
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Mosaic art quilts pieced on your design wall

The absolute most fun, with no rules and no size restrictions on fabric pieces is to design a quilt on your wall.  You start by collecting a bunch of smallish pieces of fabric in the colors you want and then just plop them on the flannel wall, organizing and reorganizing to get the colors sorted
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QUILT STITCHING free motion curves on blocks

This blog is about quilt stitching for mosaic quilts comprised of lots of smaller blocks of fabric so definitely “blocky” looking in design.  I enjoy designing and piecing mosaic quilts, using different color combinations ebbing and flowing with the colors.  All are abstract depictions of color. For some of my mosaic art quilts I emphasize
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