flower quilt stitching

QUILT STITCHING for a contemporary garden quilt

This fall I have been exploring a variety of flower motifs.  After finishing a rather challenging “Three Red Poppies” art quilt, I decided to experiment with a very contemporary garden quilt design using the reds and greens from the poppy quilt combined with an orange/pale green background batik.  As I’m sure I’m mentioned in previous
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QUILT Stitching to enhance a background

The quilt stitching I’m discussing today is for a unique art quilt with three red poppies on a dynamic but neutral background.  As with all my quilts, this one is pieced so the background is in many different pieces as it is added around the poppy pieces.  The background fabric is absolutely part of the
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QUILT AS DESIRED….Deciding how to quilt a quilt

When I first began to learn how to quilt, I bought several books to teach myself ideas, techniques, and some basics about design and color.  My first year I made some of the quilts shown in the books to practice skills.  I always came to the end of the quilt “how to” directions and encountered
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