Gallery Show in September 2016

IMG_0756I’m very excited to announce many of my quilts will be on display at the Public Library of Union County for the month of September 2016.  I’m expecting to have about 15 quilts on display for the month.  When the library did a major renovation several years ago, they included a lobby for displays by local artists.  Each month they invite a different artist to display.  Their renovations included a professional hanging system though there are some challenges for quilt hanging due toIMG_0758 my dowels.  A few years ago I was one of the first artists to display there so I had to figure things out. The dowels don’t fit into the hanging system hooks so I had to put safety pins on the upper edge of each top side of the quilt and then slip the safety pins into the hanging system hooks.  Sometime the safety pins slip so this isn’t a foolproof system.  This tune I am trying some bias tape loops which I use in my booth to secure dowels in the quilts to my mesh canopy walls with hooks.  These loops hold the dowel ends and then will twist around to hang on the gallery hanging system.  Here are pictures after my adventure setting up the show and hanging all the quilts.  The gallery is located at 255 Reitz Blvd. in Lewisburg, PA  17837 and is open during regular library hours.  All quilts hanging are for sale but may not be removed until the end of September.  I have information sheets at the Gallery with prices.  Anyone interested in a purchase should go to my Etsy shop and buy through Etsy:


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