Unique Sunset Colors for an Art Quilt

I have created over 80 Sunset art quilts.  In the 11 years I have been making landscape art quilts, I have improved my observation skills, my ability to pause in daily life to notice a unique or just beautiful sunset.  And truly, aren’t they all something special?  

Sunset 83 was created from a photo I took from my back deck of a central Pennsylvania sunset this year.  It surprised me with the escalating color and striations from left to right, like someone was painting the sky as they walked up a set of stairs.  I was also struck by the unusual colors.  There were brownish dark golds and even some colors that seemed brownish grey. The photo was pleading with me to create a wall quilt…so I did.

I’ve had several conversations with other quilters in the past few months about how I go about creating my quilt which has no patterns, which involve decisions on piece size and shape as I go.  I took a “layout” picture of this quilt before I started creating it.  The layout took several hours over two days as I focused on both the design of the colors and the combination of colors in each layer.  And as always, there were decisions to change or add colors as I went.  I often don’t add the dark foreground until the end so there is no foreground in the layout plans.

I designed and pieced this quilt from the bottom edge up (before adding the foreground).  I actually had another 6-8″ on the top of the quilt which I decided just didn’t work so off it came.  A painter will paint over parts of her painting which don’t suit her.  My options involve ripping and repiecing sections.  It is all part of the process.


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