Triptych Art Quilts

I just finished another triptych art quilt.  There are lots of reasons I like making triptychs but it all begins with how much easier it is to sew three reasonably sized art quilts than one large quilt.  I sew on a Bernina 750….a great machine….but since it isn’t a long arm, the larger the quilt the crazier it is to quilt.  This becomes more pronounced the more

Old english garden 2
Old english garden 2

creative free motion quilting I want to do, where easy movement of the quilt is needed.

Here is my newest triptych:  Old English Garden 2.  This triptych has a short story…..I had made Old English Garden triptych about a year ago.  I listed the quilts as a triptych OR to buy individually.  Someone bought the middle quilt and after about 6 months with just the smaller quilts in my shop, I decided to make another middle quilt and return these three quilts to a triptych.  I believe the colors and design really glow in the triptych arrangement though I know the larger middle quilt is a beauty by itself also.  This new “quilt” will only be sold as a triptych.  Thankfully I still had all the fabrics from the original three quilts so making the middle quilt again wasn’t too difficult.  It is similar to the original but since I don’t use patterns, there is some variability.

One of the fun challenges of triptychs is that I like to make the pattern and colors carry over from one quilt to the next.  I’ve attached twoIMG_0564IMG_0562 close ups of the transition sides of this triptych so you can see how the curves and colors transition.  This is a bit tricky when I’m piecing…especially without any patterns.  I like the effect of drawing your eyes across the quilts as you enjoy the colors and curves.

I’ve attached a picture of one of my other triptychs to see how art quilts can be created in this design style in a landscape art quilt.




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