Tree Landscape Art Quilts Always Unique

I recently created TREES 42 which gives you an idea of how many tree art quilts I have made.  I like to try different background colors and different layouts of the trees.  In this art quilt I used gray blues and gray greens for the non-leaf background parts of the quilt.  These more subtle colors feel more natural to me than some of the brighter blues and greens I’ve used before.  Every quilt is made with the fabrics I have on hand which are always different.  In TREES 42 the upper background of autumn colors is much lighter than the foreground greens.  I like experimenting with different fabrics for the trees also, having some brown, some gray, some mottled, etc.  It is fun to play with the different fabrics and colors.  All of my tree landscape quilts are pieced and not appliqued.  It is a bit challenging as you get to a point with the background piecing in which you must start adding trees.  And yes, you do this by cutting right through the whole background and sewing the tree in.  You can hardly go wrong and the result is always fun!

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