Three Custom Quilts Challenge My Abilities

I am fairly firm about always making custom quilts that are one of my designs, larger or smaller or different colors.  However, I had a request last year to create a landscape, which was one of my designs, and two quilts of cats.  I was quite uncertain of my cat design abilities!!  I’m not a realistic artist.  After some back and forth with the customer and me clarifying my abstract approach, we agreed upon a design.  

My customer sent me drawings of both the landscape she liked and the cats.  We clarified some of her ideas for colors on the landscape…that was the easy quilt for me!  The cats had some very unique colors so in order to be sure I captured the essence of her kitties, I sent her many fabric samples of the beiges and creams and taupes….no one realizes the multitude of these shades until you look at fabrics!  Once the colors were selected, I got to work.

In this post I’ve included photos of the finished quilts at the beginning of my blog.  Photos of her sketches are shown below. Though I’m not actively looking for more pet quilt opportunities, I did have fun with this project.  The fun was due in large part to the customer’s enthusiasm and support…I kept her informed as I progressed, checking in to be sure I was creating quilts she would enjoy.

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