Thread Sketching Flowers on Art Quilt

I had so much fun with thread sketching of grasses on the dunes on some of my ocean/dunes art quilts that I decided to try this technique with flowers.  A few weeks ago I created a quilt pieced background of mixed green piecing with several different fabrics for the sky.  On that background I did rough edge applique of three gold flowers.  Then I spent several hours having fun with thread sketching!!  I sewed different designs on the three flowers.  I added more large flowers and small ones.  I sketched my heart out, trying different designs, many free motion, a few with my walking foot for more straight edge stitching.  I look forward to creating more art quilts with thread sketching added to highlight the design.

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  1. So pretty and creative! It must be that my eyes are not what they used to be because I can’t discern whether you’re collaging the background or if you’re sewing the pieces together on a quarter inch seam. I think some of the most interesting pieces emerge when we give in to improvisational whims!

    1. I piece the background with quarter inch seams. The flower petals are added by rough edge applique and then the thread sketching on top. I found inspiration in many sketching posts on Pinterest and thought combining quilting and thread sketching would be fun. A customer bought one of these quilts and asked for a second companion quilt which I made her as a custom order. I want to have fun with this hobby/business!!

  2. Thank you for responding to my question Sharon. Your work is absolutely beautiful. I also enjoy combining modalities; I usually have a plan before I start but inspiration strikes out of nowhere and I’m off and sewing on an improvisational tangent! It’s fun; you never know where you’ll end up! I’m wishing you continued success in all your creative pursuits and look forward to your future blog posts!

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