Tell me the story of your art

IMG_6447Last evening was the annual “Stroll Through the Arts” event in Lewisburg, PA when about 30 artists set up small displays in 30 different business in the downtown.  This event is organized by the Lewisburg Arts Council.  For four hours we had an opportunity to dialogue with the public about our art and have some up close and personal discussions about the creative process….and hopefully sell a few pieces!  This was my third “Stroll” event so I’m feeling like an old hand at this, barely leaving myself enough time to set up for the 6pm start.  It was a good night with several sales but more importantly, it was a chance to hear what people think, which colors and designs are most attractive to customers, and to share my story.  One woman who ended up buying a quilt, spent about 15 minutes just talking with me about my art.  She asked that open ended question I really like to hear….”Tell me your story”.  I am learning that selling art is about the actual art quilt, the colors and design, the size, but it is also about a connection to me, the artist.  This event specifically is a local event with people I often know or who know of me, often from my previous professional life. Most did not know I was creating art quilts in retirement.  I live in a rural, small town where there are many connections between and among people.  It is fun to explore with strangers and often find a common thread of a friend or an experience which creates a personal connection.   I approach events like the “Stroll” as a golden opportunity for marketing.  No matter what the sales are, I end the evening energized and smiling.  (Photo of quilt sold at “Stroll” event)

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