Sunset quilts in so many different colors

Sunset 61

In the last few months, we have begun to see some beautiful sunsets painted in our western sky here in central

Sunset 62 Golden Evening

Pennsylvania.  I was inspired to make some more sunset art quilts but I wanted to explore some different colors.  I searched the internet for photos and paintings for inspiration.  For me, the inspiration is often the color combinations which I then apply to my own designs.  

Sunsets can be light or dark, they can be yellow and blue or predominately pink, they can be dramatic and almost violent with color or subdued and gentle, softer colors.  With my newest sunsets I went looking for some challenges and some new color combinations.

The first art quilt in this blog is a combination of purples, pale pinks and blues.  The colors give you a sense of peacefulness and calmness.  I like incorporating some grey/blue fabrics as low hanging clouds near the horizon.  I would hang this quilt in a bathroom, an office or a bedroom.

The second sunset art quilt in this blog is exactly the opposite….it is reds and golds!  It is bright and dramatic with the brightness of the sun’s rays showing through all the sunset color.  This quilt would be awesome hanging in a living room, on a stairwell wall or an entryway.


Sunset 63

The third quilt shown in this blog is a creation focusing on some purples near the horizon, a few peeks of sun, some lighter sky points, but

Sunset 60

overall, a darker blue sky than the other two.  The mountains in the foreground also create a different frame for the sunset itself.  This art quilt would look outstanding above a fire place or in a dining room.

And lastly, I have a sunset with more rusts, oranges, yellows, and some greys.  I would enjoy this quilt in just about any room from bath to office to bedroom.

All of these are very different in colors and design.  Exploring sunsets is fun and creative!



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