Sunset Photo becomes Sunset Art Quilt

I’m not a big Facebook fan but I do check in with a few old friends who live far away.  About a month ago, a chlldhood friend posted an incredible photo of a sunset in Virginia.  I commented on her post….”I see an art quilt!”    This past week I finished Sunset 55, inspired by her photo.

As you can see from the photo included in this blog AND the art quilt shown, I do not seek to create the exact same picture with my quilting and piecing.  Rather, I like to use photographs as inspiration, as ideas on how to combine colors and how to paint with fabric in a different way than I’ve done previously.  This photo  inspired me to use

Sunset 55

some mottled fabrics that give the illusion of a partially cloudy sky with light peeking out in both strips of brightness and in just splotches of lightness which the fabric selected did for me.  

If you have a favorite sunset or sunrise photo you would like to have made into an art quilt, please email me ( and we can talk about your idea.  An art quilt inspired by a photo will have a likeness but mostly I will try to capture the essence of the photo and not the detailed specifics.  All of my designs are abstract so my interpretation of your sunset will also be abstract.


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