Sunset Over Water Art Quilt

I created this Sunset 71 over water after seeing a photo of a similar sunset.  I like the colors in this because it is a moment in time when the sunset is still quite filled with lightness, both in the sky and on the water.  I really studied the reflection on the water and noticed at this time in the sunset, most of the water was lit up.  The dark strips were tops of the waves shaded from the sun’s light.  It was fun to be able to explore different colors in a sunset.

You can see the different free motion quilt stitching designs I used with this quilt.  This was also a change from almost all previous sunset art quilts.  Art quilting is one big opportunity for creativity!

Creating landscape quilts like sunsets, tree quilts, beach scenes and more have made me a better observer.  I pay more attention to details and colors, especially as light and prespective affect a landscape.  This has helped me live more in the moment and enjoy today, the NOW of life.  I’m fortunate with my studio to have a south easterly window.  Often sunrises find me pulling fabrics off my shelves to create a sunrise later that day.  Photos don’t catch the colors so it is always better to observe and select!

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  1. How do I get started? Do you sell patterns, instructions,,etc. my family lives in USVI and nephew is getting married. I’ve been pice quilting for about 2 years and just started paper piecing big want to learn this technique with no idea where to begin. Help please.

    1. I just posted a new blog today with information about how to sew curved pieces which are common in my quilt designs.

      I do not have patterns or instructions for specific quilt designs. I would suggest you look for some YouTube postings about how to create an art quilt with curved fabric cuts. Then, just give it a try!!

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