Sunset 78 with some new stitching

I finished Sunset 78 in late August after having experienced this dramatic sunset off my deck a few weeks earlier.  Every sunset is unique and sunsets include so many different colors it is hard to do anything wrong when designing and piecing sunset quilts.  When I quilted this sunset wall quilt I did sort of my typical wavy stitching in the sky but then tried some new and different free motion designs in the foreground.  Often the foreground is a minimal part of my sunset quilts but in this wall quilt, the foreground was substantial.  I used all different stitch designs to give the foreground some depth and some texture.  The bluish mountains/hills in the background of the foreground were quilted in smaller stitch designs to convey their distance from the front of the quilt.  The greener sections were quilted in different stitch patterns….just for fun!!  Yes…this art form can be just for fun!!


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