Sunrise Sunset: Two small art quilts

Sometimes the creative brain is not up for a multi week project with design and size challenges.  Recently I felt like working on some smaller projects.  I found these two packets of fabrics rolled up in my closet, just waiting for a few days to make them into art quilts.  Well, those days arrived and I had fun creating a sunrise and a sunset.

You may ask what is the difference between the colors of a sunrise and a sunset.  Actually, in the early sunset time on a clear day, there isn’t much difference.  The sky is still light and medium blue in the sunset similar to the lighter blue at the horizon in a sunrise.  In my central PA community, one difference is often the presence or pinks and peach colors which more often occur in the evenings ALTHOUGH we have our share of peach/pink sunrises also.

So, basically similar colors can be found in sunsets and sunrises.  And, in the eye of the artist, you can use whatever colors you want.  The joys of the creative process!

These two quilts are for sale on Etsy.  Since they are the same size and created with almost the same exact fabrics, I’ve noted in Etsy descriptions that they could be hung as companions pieces.   

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