Start thinking about an art quilt for the holidays!

Art is sometimes hard to gift.  We each have our unique likes and preferences. But you can start now with special friends and family as you visit the next few months in late summer and early fall.  Take a look at decorating colors and what kinds of art your friends and family have on their walls.  Don’t forget bathrooms where a splash of color from an art quilt can turn a neutral room into an art gallery!  And art quilts are perfect for wet rooms like bathrooms.  The fabric in the art quilt absorbs small amount of moisture and then it dries with no changes impacting the art quilt.  My bathrooms are filled with art quilts.

I have a nice collection of small quilts available in my Etsy shop right now.  They are perfect for a first art quilt gift.  Everyone can find a small space in their house where an art quilt can add a splash of color.  Start planning now for holiday gifts!

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