Some weeks are “Silly” art quilt weeks

I’ve been busy this fall creating art quilts, more focused than much of the last two years.  My life is finding a new rhythm after my husband’s passing and COVID coming to live with all of us.  Moving myself back into art quilt creativity has been a much needed outlet for productive time and a focus on art which always makes me just feel good.  After finishing a variety of art quilts I really wanted to make for my Etsy shop selection, I decided to take a week and just make SILLY rough edge applique small quilts.  This time in addition to Silly Birds, I added some Silly Chickens and some Silly Kitties.  Enjoy the pictures!  I use an iron on adhesive which I now have on about 50 or more different fabrics.  I create some basic templates for pieces and then it is just fun time.  Crazy colors, wonky designs, anything goes.  After all these small quilts were designed and the fabrics were adhered to the background fabric, I made my quilt envelope with batting and backing fabric.  Now the really fun time begins with the quilt stitching.  I stitch around every appliqued piece, very close to the edge.  Then I get creative with free motion stitching, adding legs and beaks, and finally quilting the background.  It is like playing with color and design for a week just for fun!! 


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