Small ART QUILTS make great gifts

Purchasing an ART QUILT as a gift is similar to buying a print, photograph, or painting.  We are often reluctant to do this due to personal taste in art.  I would like to suggest that purchasing small works of art for friends and family may be the most fun gift of all.  Everyone has a small wall space somewhere that could display a small work of art.  Most of us have knowledge about the colors and styles of our friends and family members’ homes.  And maybe your gift will encourage the recipient to think about different kinds of art.

Contemporary ART QUILTS, as I create, are a relatively new art form.  Many people have not thought about creating landscapes or mosaics out of fabric.  Giving a small ART QUILT is a wonderful way to brighten and enrich someone’s life….every day!  They and others will enjoy your gift every time they walk past it or stop to study the colors and design.  You will be a giver of smiles!

I have several small ART QUILTS in my inventory, all under $100, which would make special gifts this holiday season or throughout the year.  If you are thinking ahead and see a quilt you would like in a smaller size, please email me (  I understand cost constraints for buyers and will work with you on a size reduction if I can.  

Sunrise 7 15″H x 21″W

Art carefully selected can make wonderful and awesome gifts!  Happy holidays!

Sunset 52 small 10.5″W x 16″H

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  1. really love your artistic talent. Did you use an adhesion stabilizer to put the pieces on, or did you actually machine sew each piece of the top to the background?

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