Very small art quilts

2018 has arrived and in my Pennsylvania studio I am staying warm in spite of extreme cold outside.  It is a good time to quilt….but then, isn’t it ALWAYS a good time to quilt!?

I am making a change to my blog postings….moving to a committed blog post in the first week of each month but not every two weeks as I have been doing for many years.  I may post additional blogs as I try new quilt designs or techniques but I will definitely post once a month in the beginning of each month.

About 5 days before Christmas I decided to make several very small art quilts on a common theme for some last minute gifts. (This was more “last minute” than I usually like to be!)  It was kind of a “spirit moved me” sort of moment.  All of these quilts had 9 pieces or less, lots of curves (my trademark!), and a partial sun on an abstract horizon.  Their finished sizes were less than 1 square foot…..small for me who can easily create 3′ x 4′ mosaic and landscape quilts.  You can see a common design theme which made the creation and design process easier.  Once I got into the groove, I was on a role trying some minor color variations for each quilt.  Again….no patterns so each quilt is a one of a kind.  

The piecing took less than an hour.  I had lots of fun with the quilt stitching, using lots of different free motion designs and even creating a few of my own along the way.  My inspiration for this design came from some stained glass I saw using curves and abstract landscapes.  It was easy to convert from simple stained glass designs to simple fabric piecing.


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