Red and Green but not Christmas!!

Custom Red and Green

A dear friend asked me to make a custom curved pieced quilt for her to match her decor.  She wanted reds and greens.  While the color wheel says red and green are complimentary, I had to confess to her that I couldn’t think of red and green without thinking of Christmas.  So….time to expand my horizons and learn something about two colors I rarely combine together.

I started by searching on Pinterest for “red and green abstract paintings”.  I wanted to see what other colors are used successfully with reds and greens.  I found, much to my delight, that one of my favorite colors, PEACH, was often used, sort of as a lighter red without going full out pink.  I also observed that certain shades of green and darker shades of red blended better and didn’t evoke Christmas in my mind.

I sent my friend several abstract paintings to get her input on her favorite color combinations…we both agreed on peach as the additional color.

The final custom quilt is shown in this blog, 17.5″W x 35″H.  I think I lost the Christmas theme and succeeded in creating a beautiful abstract quilt for her wall beside a fireplace.

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  1. Hi Sharon,

    Was there a tutorial that you started with to create this type of quilting? It is beautiful!

    1. I learned how to piece curved pieces and it opened up a whole new world of design. Then I just experimented and followed my intuition. It is all so much fun! A friend asked me to make a quilt in these colors. I had to learn about different color combinations to sort of get away from the holiday thing. Making art quilts is just fun but it took practice to learn the technique. I studied other wall art like paintings or photographs to learn what colors I liked.

  2. Beautiful piece of art! Love how you put it all together. It must look wonderful beside your friend’s fireplace.

    1. Thank you. I was skeptical about making this and had to research colors to include to keep it from being Christmas. I just love it too!

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