Quilting Landscapes if Good for My Soul

I’m working my way into a new normal in life after saying goodbye to my dear husband and best friend.  He experienced many health problems in 2019 which resulted in my closing down my sewing studio since last August.  Finally, in early February, a few weeks after his death, I re-entered my studio and began to organize, clean and consider where to start.  This room is my haven, filled with colorful fabrics and now also with beautiful photos of Jeff.  And so, I restarted my creative energies with a few abstract landscape quilts.

Abstract landscapes are a design I find relaxing and fun.  Fabrics of all colors and designs work.  The size is manageable.  The options on design are numerous.  I actually organized fabrics for about 6 or 7 quilts…I got a bit carried away!  I made three of them as shown in this blog.  

In addition to the fun of designing, piece by piece, there is also the fun of creative quilt stitching.  I use a wide variety of free motion and curvy line quilt stitching, playing off the fabric designs, trying to think outside the box and stitch whatever seems to bring fun to the quilt.  

Creating these abstract landscapes was certainly balm to my trouble spirit, still abundantly sad and missing Jeff.  But for those hours I was playing with colors and designs and stitches, I found myself lost again in the joy of art and sewing.  It may be a long time until I find that happiness in my regular days but it is good to know my creative spirit is still there.  Jeff would enjoy these new quilts.  I miss him visiting my studio, giving his input, and smiling at the half finished art quilts.

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