Quilting Blog Taking a Break

A month ago I learned that my husband has ALS.  Our lives are changing daily.  I must step back from my art quilt work and blogging to focus on his care.  This may be short term until we get caregivers organized or it may be for many months or a year, I just don’t know.  I will be back!  

Sharon Koppel


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  1. Hi Sharon, thank you for sharing your family situation. Please remember to take care of yourself as you navigate caregiving. I have been eyeing one of your pieces for a while and just purchased it. I understand that you may take a while to send it to me given all you are dealing wtih. I’m in no hurry. I have all your art work displayed in my living room and office and they receive a lot of attention! I didn’t want to wait any longer to risk losing this piece for my own! I love your work! Take care, Debbie

    1. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to respond but last fall was very difficult. Jeff passed away on January 12th…it is so very sad. I am NOW taking care of myself but understand healing from this loss will take some time. Thank you for being such a special customer!

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