A quilters dilemma…overcome by fabric!!

Anyone who quilts knows you NEVER have too much fabric!!  I might have 700-800 different fabrics on my stash shelves (organized by color) but it is rare that I make even one quilt without thinking I better look for a specific color or design.  It truly is an addiction but a harmless one!  

But the fabrics neatly organized by color on my stash shelves are only part of the fabric management picture.  I have TONS OF BINS of fabric!!  I am being overcome by bins of fabric!! I have bins of small scraps in my closet on shelves.  I have bins of larger pieces and strips on a shelf under my cutting table.  I have five larger bins of larger strips of greens and browns specifically for landscape quilts.  I have several large bins of beiges and blues for ocean and dunes quilts.  And I have ziplocks full of various size small square pieces of fabric for mosaics, all sorted by color and sometimes shades within colors.  It is crazy!!!

Last week before I let myself start any new quilts I did a sort of most of these bins, pulling out fabric colors and patterns I have not used in a year (to give away) and getting rid of pieces too small to use easily.  It was almost a week long effort and took way too much patience when all I really wanted to do was sew.  But….I discovered some scraps of old favorites I haven’t been able to replace and I trimmed down by 3 bins which I immediately filled with more precise color sorting.  Each bin is less full than before….this is good!!

I feel less cluttered now and ready to sew….


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  1. I would love one tenth of your stash! 😊 I have been a mosaic artist and have the same kind of “problem” with glass. Thank you for your blog! I’m learning a lot!

  2. Thank you for commenting and glad you enjoy it! I’m still learning where to find comments so I apologize for my late follow up. Nice to hear from followers!

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