Quilt creations gone awry

Last year was a busy year with custom quilt orders.  I had one custom order for a tree quilt design,

Trees 33 (left) and Trees 34 (right)

quite large.  I was working from a photo of a quilt I made previously and the customer wanted the design enlarged.  I’ve made dozens of such orders of different designs but this time around, I missed the mark.  I could tell when I finished piecing it, I had not captured the various green colors nor the shape of the mountains.  Now I had a 27″ x 48″ art quilt I did not like!  What to do?  I decided to cut it into smaller quilts.  There were two sections of trees on either side of the quilt and an area in the middle of mountains, lake and sky.  I made two similarly sized tree quilts from the two sides.  With the central part of lake, mountain, and sky, I decided to make a fractured quilt…cutting the quilt into vertical strips and shifting them around to create a very abstract impression of a landscape.  With each of two new tree quilts, I added some more trees and decided to keep them the same sizes so they could be companion quilts if a customer wanted two to hang together.  

And, of course I made a new custom quilt in a design I was happy with, correcting my design errors the second time around!  All three finished quilts are shown here.  An example of snatching success from an almost defeat.


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