Playfulness while creating art quilts

Two months ago as the snow was piling up in central PA I found myself playing with fabrics of spring colors. I decided to make a Spring theme abstract landscape quilt.  These abstract quilts are total fun to make.  Cutting pieces with unique curves, organizing the fabrics artistically, and finally quilting creatively.  I realized as I was studying the finished quilt top and pondering what kind of quilt stitching designs to use that art quilts and playfulness go together!!

I think of playfulness as being a bit of a daredevil, trying something new, jumping off that stump even if you might fall.  I think of playfulness as having fun, not thinking too far ahead but rather enjoying the moment.  With abstract landscape quilts I make completely different decisions about quilt stitching with every quilt.  It feels playful, it is about total enjoyment in picking thread and a design to quilt which will invoke happiness and joy.  I accept that all art is not happy but I have decided that my art is happy.  And some of the most fun is found in free motion stitching on an abstract quilt.

Here are some close up pictures of different sections of this new Playful Spring Day art quilt.  Become inspired!  Have fun and break out of your safe zone…be playful!

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