Pinterest and Inspiration

Pinterest is a wealth of art quilt inspiration!!  Currently I use Pinterest  to get broader exposure for my art quilts and to find inspiration for new art quilts.  At first I found myself only looking at art quilts or contemporary quilts, seeing what others were creating, how they combined colors and trying to figure out new techniques.  Through Pinterest I have found a handful of other art quilters whom I like to follow.  I continue to PIN many wall art quilts which can be seen on My Pinterest page where I have about a dozen boards, most dedicated to quilts.  It is fun to see the designs of others but I am not looking for quilts or designs to copy.  Rather, I may see a quilt I like but then I thIMG_7448ink about ways my style and my approach to design would modify the design, make it my own.

The most unexpected source of inspiration has been contemporary art work.  I have a PINTEREST board dedicated to “Quilt Inspiration”.  These PINS are paintings, photographs, stained glass, and other wall art which, as I study the art, I envision possible art quilts.  I most appreciate painters who help me think about color differently, who use color in unique ways, especially in abstract landscapes which are a motif I like to explore in my art quilts.  My Ocean and Dunes Art Quilt was inspired from  a watercolor.   Seeing how other artists in other mediums use color encourages me to be more creative.

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