Numbered Quilts are NOT the same

img_0978I’d much rather be quilting!   I know when I finish a quilt I must photograph it, post it on ESTY and on this website, and write aimg_0543 description.  Sometimes the hardest part is coming up with a name with which to label the quilt.  Now that I have some unique personal designs, I often resort to numbering quilts which are similar.  There are over 45 sunset quilts which I have created.  Some of the TREE designs are numbered.  And the Blocky Sun quilts are numbered.

As I was posting Blocky Sun 4 a few weeks ago on Etsy (it sold at the Stroll Thru the Arts!), I thought that perhaps customers might think these are duplicates and not originals. No duplicates!!  Every one of these quilts is unique and original even if the design of the quilt is similar to a past quilt.  I have included several photos of the Blocky Suns created in the last few years along with one CUSTOM Blocky Sun (which I forgot to number!).  The variations range from light to dark or dark to light.  But they are also often created with different fabrics because I use what I have in my stash at the time.  Sometimes I am more consistent in size of the “rays” I create and other times I’m more random, really mixing it up.  I want

Blocky Sun 3

customers to know that any quilt they buy from me is a unique, one-of-a-kind. I don’t take notes on how I create my quilts….I probably should!img_6295  When someone orders a custom quilt or when I return to a previous design to make a new quilt, I simply pull up some photos and jump into the creative process.

When people order a custom quilt in a design in which I’ve made several, I inform them about the previous color combinations so they have a chance to think about different options.

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