New Lopsided Star Design

After a refreshing month enjoying lake living in the finger lakes of NY state in September, I came home eager to get back to quilting.  Sometimes the ideas come so fast I spend the first few days back in my studio organizing stacks of fabrics for future projects.  I call this my “playing with colors” phase of planning.  That happened this time too but the new star design won out as first quilt to create in October!

This design has a lopsided appearance with the center of the quilt not quite centered in the finished quilt.  The design easily divides into four sections (quarters) but the quarters are different sizes.  The sections on the left are smaller and almost square.  The quarters on the right are much larger and rectangular.  The rays of this star are different lengths and the end cut goes different directions.  Each quarter is sewn together in two sections so a triangle of fabric can be added at the point end of the section.  This triangle is placed so that it creates its own circular star within the larger star.  This construction and design technique also make it easier to sew the full star together as you have only 8 points coming in to the center instead of 50.

I used two different black fabrics at the end of all the star pieces so the art quilt appears to have been created on a black background.  As a general rule, I used each fabric color 5 times which gives the color distribution a nice randomness and yet at the same time some artistic structure.  I used a variety of free motion stitching designs to give the art quilt more character and depth.  You can see the stitching designs in the close up photo and the photo of the back of the quilt.

I want to try this design with a palate of similar family colors like yellows, reds, and oranges, or a palate of blues and greens.  

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