New art quilts with curved piecing

One of my signature styles is the use of curved piecing in art quilts.  I use these techniques exclusively with my landscape quilts and also with any abstract quilts I create.  There are so many varieties of designs for which curved piecing is a great choice.  This week I made three new quilts and used curved piecing in all of these quilts.

The colors of wimter

First, as autumn has arrived I have found myself thinking ahead to winter.  Though weather concerns are often the focus of winter, I like the COLORS of WINTER.  Yes, there are colors and when combined, they can result in a beautiful art quilt.  I had great fun pulling out a bunch of different fabrics from my stash of well over 500 colors and designs.  I looked for those greys, whites, and blue greys that remind me of winter days.  The different patterns of the fabric create depth and character.  The snow, the asphalt road, the cinders, the light creating blues in the snow…all of it creates a cool, calming blend of colors.  Take a look at my new quilt “The Colors of Winter” with curved piecing in a simple 

abstract design.  I even added a border to this quilt which I rarely do.  I had this

Purple Flowers 4 15″H x 13.5″W

fabric that just screamed winter at me!  I needed it to envelope the whole quilt!

Second I made another variation of my purple flowers art quilts.  This is my 4th such

quilt but each one uses different greens and I make the flowers unique for each quilt with different fabrics and designs.  One of the changes in this quilt and previous purple flower quilts is that I did a variety of free motion quilting on the flowers themselves….that was fun!

Finally, I made a sunrise over water quilt focusing on turquoise and dark teal colors.  It is fun to take the colors in a different direction.

I’ve had some busy times away from my studio this late summer and early fall so this  past two weeks has been fun to get back into designing, creating, and sewing.

Sunrise 7 15″H x 21″W

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