My Quilts in a Local Art Show

I have been creating art quilts for 10 years now.  For awhile I did arts festivals around PA, VA and NY.  That was a lot of work so now I focus on my Etsy shop where I have sold enough for my liking, enough to keep me busy but not too busy!  

In January I will have my art quilts on display at a local library gallery at the Public Library for Union County in Lewisburg.  I enjoy these events and opportunities to share my art.  It still seems that my style and approach to art quilts is somewhat unique.  It is fun to share especially as this is something fun to do in retirement, a bit of a business but also just fun.  Isn’t that the way we all should spend retirement?  Having fun?

Every week I receive emails from web developers who want to “boost” my website so I reach more and sell more but I never respond to them.  I don’t want to be tethered to my sewing machine.  I want this hobby/business to be fun, always.  When I feel like sewing and creating, then I do.  When I feel like playing games with friends, meals out or traveling, then I do that.  It is fun to have variety in my life with less demands…it is fun to be retired with a fabulous hobby/business!

If you live around central PA and want to spend some time up close with my art quilts then plan a trip to Lewisburg PA in January.  If you are a quilter, feel free to touch and look and inspect front and back.  Thank you for joining this journey into art quilting.  I hope to keep having fun with it for many years to come.


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