Muted Colors in Landscape Art Quilt

I am more of a dynamic and vibrant color person than pastels and muted colors.  However, as I looked at paintings for design ideas, I came across some beautiful paintings using only muted colors or a limited palate with grays.  I made this small quilt with fairly simple piecing and just 10 pieces, all different fabrics, to experiment with muted colors.  I call these my GRAYS….gray peach, gray mauve, gray blues, etc.  Yes, I have a bin with these GRAYed fabrics.

The design is quite simple but the curved cuts are unique and critical to the overall landscape.  The decision on each fabric was important because with only 10 fabrics, each one had to be right for its place in the art quilt. It took awhile to find the exact right fabrics.  I used a variety of free motion stitch designs for quilting to further highlight the different fabrics and give the small art quilt character and depth.  This was a fun one day project.  I’m thinking about trying a different color palate with similar piece designs, that is, 10 completely different fabrics….a fun project for a day this spring.

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