More Layering with Curved Piecing in Art Quilt Design

I’ve been making some large quilts lately.  My inclination is that this next design would be outstanding large but I decided for a first run on this new design, I would go small.  This art quilt is just about 20″ square.  My technique for this quilt started with a background of pastels, pieced as fairly large pieces.  Next I cut all the curved pieces for the entire quilt and laid out the design, overlapping and layering until I had the final effect I wanted.  Clearly there is depth to this quilt from the layering and more than just two layers as was true in my rug inspired art quilt earlier.  I love the Kaffe Faussett print prominant in the front!  Other fabrics I selected for variety and just fun and silliness, like the two pieces of yellow polka dots.  I take many photos with my iphone so I can make the design I want.  When I finished it felt like SPRING so that was the name I gave it.

I found that even though I had all my curved pieces cut out before I started piecing into and onto the pastel background, I made some minor trims on some pieces, often making them a bit thinner in width so other colors showed through the way I liked.  Somedays I wish I could make patterns so reproducing designs would be easier.  This one I had some templates of different curves as a starting point but I found myself modifying the template cuts as I went along.  Variety and movement plus thinking about how the layering will end up, guided my design.

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  1. This is really beautiful. I love your use of color and all the movement in this piece. The Kaffe Fasset is certainly in the rightful place here!

    1. Thanks for your comments! I love incorporating Kaffe Fasset in my quilts. Your comments on this quilt remind me I want to try a larger size of this layer technique.

  2. Love this quilt…want to make a throw quilt with curved pieces intertwining to suggest the wave of the ocean, narrow and set off center. I’m just beginning with the idea and color! You are an inspiration!

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