Moon Shadows Art Quilt

I had created a Moon Shadows over Water quilt a few years ago and wanted to try some new variations on this design.  With Moon Shadows 2, I wanted a moon throwing shadows over water but also a moon shadowed itself by passing clouds.  I love to look at photos and paintings to get ideas about colors and patterns for fabrics for my landscape quilts.  I was struggling to figure out what color of fabric to use for the night clouds until I hit upon a grey with a tinge of blue.  As with many quilts, there is the “first draft” when I piece the whole quilt and then must study my end result.  This one needed some rehab for the sky to blend the blues and greys better.  I used rough edge applique for moon but pieced all the rest of the quilt, including through the moon!  Those are always gut wrenching cuts but I knew I could start on the sky section again if all my efforts failed.  They worked out.  There is a sense of peace in this quilt.  The quiet of the night and the light of the moon.


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