Many custom quilts keeping me busy

As this year began and my husband died, I wasn’t sure I could muster my creative spirit to sew.  Sewing brings me such joy and is such a special outlet for my creativity.  I wasn’t feeling a lot of joy and even the beautiful fabrics (well over 500!) in my studio couldn’t lift my spirits.  But 4 weeks of making masks…I made about 350…for my community, made me remember what sewing and making art quilts means to me.

I had a few inquiries about custom quilts early in January and I apologized but just couldn’t accept the orders.  By February and March I was rethinking my life plans and quilting plans and started accepting custom orders.  I’ve been making and selling art quilts since 2012 but never in those last 8 years have I had SOOOOO many requests for customs!  I think my list has 7 at this point.  This is so many, often big quilts which take a few weeks each, that I’m not even asking for the down payment at time of order.  I promise to get back in touch with customers about two weeks before I will start on their quilt for us to finalize their order.

In some ways, making customs instead of challenging my creativity on new designs has been a good segue back into sewing.  Sometimes between customs I may sneak in one of my own creations but my Etsy shop is still looking a little light on inventory.

Here are photos my first two customs made in 2020.  The Tree custom was 34″W x 42″H and a bit tricky so as not to get the trees too tall and linear in the design.  The sun quilt was a 3′ x 4′ enlargement of one of my small 1’square quilt.  Right now I’m working on a custom in predominately reds and greens.  I’ll be writing another blog in a week or so on this quilt.  I’ve never combined reds and greens without Christmas being the focus!  

I’m going to try to get back on a schedule for blog posts.  

Have a great day!

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