Inspiration becomes an art quilt

I love to look at abstract paintings for art quilt inspiration.  Sometimes I’m looking for great color combinations, sometimes I’m thinking about design possibilities.  I found an abstract painting using simple curves of color which looked like a landscape to me.  But mostly I liked the colors and the curves.  Maybe because they are my living room colors too!  I started pulling out fabrics in these different colors to create my own curvy art quilt/landscape.  I made one and then, with the fabrics still in a pile on my cutting table, I created another one, with different curves.  As they hung on my design wall (flannel fabric tacked to the wall….nothing fancy!) I thought they would look good hanging together….but then I had a thought….what if I made a third art quilt and joined the different colored curves together as if this was a triptych?  So I made a third panel which brought together the colorful curves of the first two, originally made completely independently.  Since the panels were smallish, I decided to use the binding fabric to sew the three panels together and then quilt it as creatively as I wanted, with different free motion designs.  It was such a fun project!!  I is now hanging over my fireplace on a rust colored wall which is perfect for the colors. This is one of the things I like about making art quilts.  Inspiration is everywhere and options are endless.  

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