Geometric orange yellow star art quilt

Those of you who follow my blog know I don’t use patterns.  I’m also terrible about making notes as I create a design.  Often when I want to create a similar design from the past, I must make the photo as big as possible on my laptop and then study it, trying to remember my piecing approach.  Sometimes I don’t figure it out until part way through, like this one, where you can see the pale yellow rectangles are fairly similar in size but just positioned in different directions.  DUHHH!   I see all this “figuring out” stuff as good for my brain.

This is an unusal art quit because it has NO CURVED PIECING.  Geometric and easy to sew!  I used 5-6 different pastel yellows/golds for the background of the four rectangles, between the rays.  I used 6 different orange, yellow and one maroon color for the rays, aiming for some contrast.  I like green in quilts so I decided to use a very dark green for the border/background and binding.  I like to bind quilts like this in the same color as the background, especially if Im using a dark fabric.  It makes the art quilt look as though it has no binding which can too often draw your eyes away from the center of the quilt.  It will appear to just float on your wall.

I struggled some with the size of the rays to get the different lengths working and appearing within the pastel rectangles…some notes would have been helpful with this piecing…oh well!!  I’m enjoying this quilt on a wall I pass frequently around the house.  It is bright and cheerful.  Just what I need for these gray winter days in central Pennsylvania.  

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