Finding Quilt Fabrics in my Closet

I am a reluctant quilt studio cleaner!  Usually after a bout of creating a handful of wall art quilt, the piles of fabric and scraps everyone starts to bother me and I dive into a thorough cleaning.  This happened the other day and I was inspired to continue the process into my closet with about two dozen bins of fabric sorted by color.  I also found a bin with fabric pieces rolled up in about 5 or 6 batches, as if I had done some design planning but set them aside for another day.  Well…that other day had arrived!!  I unrolled three of these batches of fabrics.  One is going to be a larger Ocean Colors quilt.  I created two different abstract landscape quilts from one batch of fabric, shown here with this post.  One quite small which I put a border around which is fun to do sometimes, not my usual design approach.  The third one I made was a sunrise over water quilt.  I made some minor modifications from the original bundle since I have some new fabrics since I pre-planned these three.  What fun!!  The small quilt with the border was actually made from the scraps of the larger abstract landscape.  You can see similar fabrics in each quilt. Anyone who quilts knows that even the smallest pieces of fabric are hard to part with.  I decided to put them to good use in a small wall quilt.

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