Filling a Large Wall Space with Multiple Quilts

IMG_7126I am always excited when a customer talks with me about creative ways to fill a large wall space.  Often people see a space, such as a wall over a sofa or bed, and envision one very large quilt for the wall.  I am happy to make large quilts but I often try to convince people to think about multiple quilts to fill the space as an alternative.  For the first time I had a customer ask me about this when he saw two small quilts I had in my shop.  He inquired if I could make a LARGER quilt which could be hung with the two smaller quilts on either side for a set of three similar styled and designed quilts.  Thus began a fun experience of designing a new quilt!

The customer liked two quilts which were black, white and turquoise wonky block quilts. I’ve shown one of them at the start of this blog. For the larger center quilt, he wanted the same wonky blocks and colors but he asked me to send him several options for the layout of the blocks.  I did that and he selected the layout he liked the best. His finished three quilts were awesome!  Here is a picture:




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