Custom Triptych of Red Poppies

I am accepting very few custom orders these days, mostly because I have committed significant volunteer time to a local library.  I have a soft spot for some designs though so when a couple asked for a large quilt for over the headboard of their bed, I said yes.  However instead of making one large quilt 30″ x 60″, I made a triptych of red poppies in a field with greens in the foreground and sky  above.  I divided the three quilts so the middle quilt was 24″ wide and the two side quilts were 18″ wide each.

This design involves both some piecing in the design and some rough edge applique.  A quilt this size involes A LOT of quilt stitching!!  This triptych has 16 poppies and a bunch of poppy buds.  That’s over 60 petals to be configured into poppies.  In person, you can see the free motion quilt stitching I did for the poppy flower leaves, a special request of the customer….it was fun to learn about poppy leaves and “paint” them on the quilt with thread sketching.

It is amazing how much easier it is to create a triptych like this rather than a 60″ wide single quilt.  I’m glad I have mastered how to create a design across several quilts so it looks as if it is one quilt.


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