Custom Art Quilt – Moon and Stars

I have again begun to accept limited custom order requests.  Any custom request must be of one of my designs in different colors or a different size.

The custom quilt shown here was a very creative request by a new mom for an art quilt for her baby’s room.  I have made this design in colors like turquoise and several in sun colors of yellow, orange and red.  She suggested a moon quilt with dark blues and purples for the sky.  Her unusual add on was some embroidered white dots for stars in the night sky.  You will need to enlarge the photo to see the subtle stars.  I could accommodate this request and stay true to my abstract design focus. This was so much fun and is beautiful!  I may need to make a smaller version for my shop.  This custom quilt is 24″H x 36″W.  Sometimes custom requests give me new ideas and I love it!

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  1. Ahhh! Pinterest is such a vast universe. I’ve been on that platform for many years now and am always inspired by the enormity of the maker community and the effervescent creativity. So much of social media is pollution but Pinterest, despite the volume of ads, remains one of the safer, more sane places online (at least in my opinion). I have also made a few long distance quilting friends there via conversations rooted in genuine curiosity and artistic admiration. It is the exception, to be sure, but wonderful when it happens.

    1. I am not a big social media person. Years ago I started a Facebook page for my quilts but did not keep at it as the only connections I made were with old friends making the same nice comments. I want to take that down but haven’t figured out how to. I agree with you that Pinterest is fun and inspiring. I have tons of boards there for my personal use. Besides looking at paintings for quilt inspiration, I check out decor and color ideas for the house, designs for landscaping, just about everything! I get significant traffic to this site and my Etsy site from Pinterest. Thanks for your comments! I’d love to see some of your quilt creations. Feel free to use my email:

  2. Hi Sharon,

    I thought I’d send you my email address via your blog so you’d know it wasn’t spam when it popped up in your gmail inbox. My email is; hubby is an aerospace engineer (I’m retired/59 years old) so that’s where the address comes from.

    We have a blog on WordPress that documents the build of a 100 watt co2 laser and some of my work ends up there as I have begun to use the laser to do some of my cutting but I really need to get on the stick and put an online gallery together. I’ll attach some of my pieces in a few emails (I think I can only send five or six photos per email) that will give you some sense of what I do but I must warn you that I am something of a tumbleweed from a creative standpoint. My mother would say I’m a Jack of all “trades” but master of none. I do mixed media, thread painting, art quilts, simple garment sewing, foundation paper piecing (so addictive!), some glass mosaics, and now I’m really into laser crafting. The possibilities with that machine feel endless with a 36”x 48” cutting field and quite a lot of power.

    I am virtually non-existent on social media. Many years ago a joined Facebook and within a week I told my husband I wanted out! I was besieged by so many requests to watch people’s virtual farms and with updates like, I ate a cupcake at 1:07 pm today. Friend requests from people I either didn’t know or people I hadn’t seen or spoken to since elementary school. It was overwhelming; I’m truly an introvert and it was just way too much for me. I’m not on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter/X or Threads or what ever else is out there. I know I miss out on a lot of interesting things by being so digitally sequestered however, I’m just not wired for all of the other stuff that comes with it.

    My husband (Cameron) began pulling my information off of my FB account very gradually. He told me that if you delete everything at once it triggers some sort of save reflex in the algorithm (I’m probably using the wrong nomenclature here) that will keep everything in your account on their servers for what is likely all of infinity. So delete just a few things once a week until you’ve removed everything. The sad part is that they will still recognize your email address if you click on a link to a video on FB so it does feel that they don’t ever entirely let go of you. Sigh. I don’t like it.

    I’m in the beginning stage of preparation for my first collage quilt. It’s a winter moon scene. I do all of my own housekeeping and cook and bake nearly everything we eat so I don’t have as much time for sewing as I’d like. Pre-Covid we had wonderful cleaning folks who enabled my fastidious ways every other week but I’m one of the oddballs who is allergic, violently so, to two of the vaccine ingredients so I don’t have the benefit of their services anymore. I’m hoping another version of the current vaccines comes out so I can get it. All of this is to say that between chores and my preoccupation with the laser I don’t turn out projects as fast as I used to!

    I’ll send you some photos now; it is so very nice to “meet” you.


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