Custom Art Quilt – Moon and Stars

I have again begun to accept limited custom order requests.  Any custom request must be of one of my designs in different colors or a different size.

The custom quilt shown here was a very creative request by a new mom for an art quilt for her baby’s room.  I have made this design in colors like turquoise and several in sun colors of yellow, orange and red.  She suggested a moon quilt with dark blues and purples for the sky.  Her unusual add on was some embroidered white dots for stars in the night sky.  You will need to enlarge the photo to see the subtle stars.  I could accommodate this request and stay true to my abstract design focus. This was so much fun and is beautiful!  I may need to make a smaller version for my shop.  This custom quilt is 24″H x 36″W.  Sometimes custom requests give me new ideas and I love it!

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