Crozet Arts Festival Prep

I only participate in five festivals a year but three of them are in late April and May.  My next festival is in Crozet Virginia. KoppelSharon_2014_3 This festival is celebrating its 35th year which is incredible!!  The Crozet Arts and Crafts Festival is sponsored and managed by a non-profit community group.  It is about a 5 hour drive for us but we turn it into an enjoyable 3 day weekend, renting an apartment in Crozet and enjoying the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.  The festival layout has canopies placed together fairly tightly so there isn’t any storage space outside the canopy in the back.  This means we truly have ONLY a 10′ x 10′ area which means we must plan carefully for storage and supply management.  We will try out the new quilt rack we made this winter so stay tuned after the festival for the report on how it worked!  We are also going to add a 3′ mesh wall section to the front of our canopy for added display space due to losing space from needing to have everything related to storage and management during the show in the canopy.  I’m still a bit nervous about blocking off a 3′ section of the front though there will still be an opening 7′ wide.  Other vendors have different arrangements like this but the impact on sales is still unknown.  I will have some dynamic quilts hanging on this new wall section so hopefully that will lure buyers in.   If it seems not to be working on Saturday we can always take it down for Sunday…everything in this festival business is portable and changeable… thank goodness.  The quilt shown with this post was used by the Crozet Festival on their posters and postcards as publicity for the festival…I’m definitely honored with their selection!!


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