Colorful Curves in variety of colors

There is no better mood lifter than to create a colorful art quilt or two!  The skies were gray and cold winds were blowing here in Pennsylvania in late April when it should have been warm and sunny.  I couldn’t garden nor walk the dog in the strong winds so I decided to make two smallish colorful curves quilts.  Truly the word “curves” could be part of just about any quilt I make as straight lines are rare in my designs and piecing.  But these two quilts are REALLY CURVY! 

It is tempting to repeat fabrics and color I’ve used before and liked but what is the fun of doing that!??!  So, I started rounding up some fabrics on my large cutting table, first for the small quilt, Small Colorful Curves 2  (14″ x 17″) with only eight different pieces and colors.  The second quilt I wanted to try blending blues, greens, yellows and some brownish maroons.  This is Small Colorful Curves 1 (16″ x 21.5″).  In the photo those dark colors look almost brown but I promise you they have maroon in them. 

This design of wall quilt may be hung any way you want, hence there are four plastic rings in the four corners of the back.  In my Etsy shop you can see these quilts all four ways. 

I had fun with the free motion quilt stitching, experimenting with some ideas and reusing some old designs from previous quilts.  These designs and colors and free motion quilting projects are just tons of fun!!  I hope they make you smile when you see them. 


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