Christmas Wall Art Quilts

Many of us have the traditional decorations for the holidays.  I have created several holiday art quilts to broaden your idea of decorations.  These wall quilts can replace some art usually hanging in your house or they can be added for some extra fun during the holiday season.  When the season passes, you can roll them up and easily store them for next year.

These wall quilts are in small and medium sizes in several different designs.  With all but one I used raw edge applique for the piecing and then quilted on top of the appliqued piece.  One quilt, the single tree and only one with a trunk/stem, I pieced the traditional way, the approach I use with most of my art quilts.  These holiday quilts have some of my whimsy typical of my goofy, wonky birds.  Fabrics are mixes of prints and batiks with a focus on green and red.  I had plans to make quilts for family gifts, which I still must do, but these designs detoured me into making some quilts for my Etsy shop.  All but one is bound in dark green fabric.  The single tree is bound in a medium brown batik.  

These were fun quilts to make, thinking about ways to brighten your home walls for the holiday!

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