Busy with more than just art quilts

I took a break from quilt making to finish a non quilt project this fall.

I self published a book about the first year after my husband died, a book about coping and dealing with his loss and my sadness.  Unfortunately many of we female spouses may confront this reality as women are still outliving their husbands much of the time.  The book is a combination of prose and poetry from my journaling as I struggled to make sense of my sadness and figure out what  lies ahead in a new normal.  

The book is titled “A Year of Sadness and Grace – Life after the death of my husband” by Sharon Koppel.  It is available on Amazon as both an ebook and a paperback.  The book is also a love story of sorts as I share special memories which helped me move through the profound grief of his death.  I wrote this for myself and for others facing this kind of personal loss of a loved one, acknowledging the myriad of feelings such a death causes.  I think the book also has value to family and friends of those of us facing the loss of a spouse which is hard to understand if you haven’t personally been touched.

This week is the third anniversary of Jeff’s death, a much easier time this year than the previous two years as I get back to more active living while keeping memories close in my heart.  To those of you on this journey, my heart understands your struggles and sadness.  I’m beginning to find hope and happiness in a new normal even as I always miss Jeff and our special friendship and love.





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