Birch Tree Landscape Quilt

IMG_8108When people see my abstract tree quilts, I am often asked if I ever make birch tree art quilts.  I haven’t until now.  I just finished my first one.  My hurdle up until now has been the fabric for the birch trees.  There are many very realistic fabrics out there and some quilters simply cut out the trees from printed fabric which is kind of ‘UGH’ for me.  I have been searching and searching for a fabric with the colors/prints/motifs which, in an abstract way, could be birch tree bark…sort of the essence of the birth tree without actually BEING a print of a birch tree.  In my stash I had a fabric with a IMG_8118stencil  print of a tree, very simple design of dark brown on a cream background.  See photo of the fabric with the trees in their upright position.   I finally took the plunge and cut this fabric into a strip with the trees sideways and lo and behold….it was the abstract design of a birch tree!  This is what I love to do with fabric.   Create art quilts with fabrics from unexpected designs and colors.  I’m sure the quilters out there can see the sideways trees easily!  My next hurdle is remembering where I bought this fabric since I have had it for several years.  I really must do a better job tracking the source of my fabric purchases.

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