Art Quilts and 4th grade Webelos

I had an interesting request this month from a pack leader of 4th grade Webelos, boy scouts. They were working on a unit on art appreciation and she asked me to speak with her pack about making art quilts.  I was a little hesitant because I wasn’t sure how interested 4th grade boys would be and a hands on activity was tough to figure out.  After some thought I said yes!

Well, last evening I spent an hour with these wonderful 4th grade boys and Miss Donna their leader.  We walked through the gallery of my art quilts, posted for this month in our public library, and they asked excellent questions and discussed art together.  We talked feelings, design, inspiration and what they thought they saw in my quilts.  I stressed with them that ART, unlike some things in life, is something you do because you WANT TO.  They were excellent listeners and raised their hands with questions and comments, very willing to ask and share which made the time with them very enjoyable.

Back in the meeting room I did some more teaching with some quilts then we tried a hands on project.  Since sewing was out of the question, I devised an activity in which they would lay out an art quilt from fabric pieces I brought on a piece of white flannel.  We then took photos of their quilts with their name tag on them.  They were absorbed for 30 minutes with this project and only stopped making different quilts and having photos taken when the leader said I must gather my supplies to head out!!  One boy came up to me and said this program has inspired him to think about doing more art….that made me smile.

You never know what life is going to offer.  I’m glad my hesitancy didn’t prevent me from this wonderful experience!  The quilts pictured here were used in my presentation.


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