Art Quilt GRASSES with Thread Sketching

I tried a different piecing process with this recent art quilt of GRASSES.  I selected a single background fabric and then layered different grass pieces, using some darker ones in the back and more medium greens in the front. I also added some thread sketching of stems with decorative foliage, using black thread, to add more detail to the wall art quilt.  It is still abstract and contemporary but the thread sketching adds some interesting detail to the quilt.  I used a rather vibrant background fabric, one of my favorites this past year for landscape skys particularly.  It is funny how a specific fabric can grab you and you want to use it repeatedly.  I wish I could remember where I purchased it or who the designer was…I definitely need to do a better job keeping track of the source of my fabrics for repeat purchased.

This art quilt sold quickly so I’ve prioritized making more designs with thread sketching. It seems to be popular and it is fun!!  Watch my shop for some new quilts coming soon.


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