Abstract Sunrise Art Quilts a fun one day project

Sometimes my creative head and my available time are better focused on smaller projects which also provide a wider range of prices for quilts for sale.  I love making small, curved sunset art quilts with vibrant fabrics.  The movement of curved piecing creates art quilts I find soothing and stimulating at the same time.  Something different happens in the enjoyment of art for me when my eyes must move and follow curves or consider more dynamic stitching, all of which is as much fun on a small scale as a large scale.  

The first abstract sunset shown here is Sunset 73, 15.5″ x 14.5″.  For you sunset aficionados, you will recognize these sunset colors as the early minutes of a sunset.  Daylight is still present yet colors are painting the sky.  I often treat these small art quilts as “samplers” for free motion designs and just have fun with it.  

The second abstract sunset is Sunset 74, 16″ X 14.5″.  These colors are usually the later colors of a maturing sunset where the ambient light is gone and rich, deep colors appear in the sky.  I like the blend of blues with the sunset colors so often create these designs over water. 

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