Abstract Landscapes and Fun with Color

abstract landscape 17

One of the greatest qualities of abstract art quilts is the total freedom to use whatever colors you like.  I’m not trying to hit reality in many of my quilts but I am aiming for aesthetically pleasing.  I use curved piecing in my abstract quilts because I like the way the curves pull your eyes around the quilt.  I want to create positive feelings with my quilts so you look at them and feel good, they uplift but also give you something to think about artistically.

Abstract landscape quilts are tremendous fun to design and create.  I recently made several smallish ones which have 12-15 different fabrics in them.  It is fun to combine different colors I did in the quilt shown first in this blog.  This landscape is strictly for color and curves!

Another design I like is more natural colors but with some accent dark layers between the color groups. 

Abstract Landscape 14

Again, it is all about color and curves but with a very different color palate. 


Abstract Landscape 13

Lastly is a more traditional landscape quilt with colors you might see outside in nature…but the fabrics make you take a second look.

For all these landscape quilts you can see similarities but not the use of templates or patterns.  Each of them uses different fabrics, some prints, some batiks, some blender fabrics, some watercolor batiks.  The options are endless and the artistic expression is just fun.

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