A Purple Sunset

Sunset 61

A few months ago I was itching to play with purples, blues and pinks.  I’m not sure how to explain the lure of certain colors, but there are few things that calm my soul and give me a moment away from the chaos of daily life than playing with my fabric samples.  I especially like to move to different color groups after spending a week or two with particular colors.  After time spend with greens and browns of my tree quilts, I find I’m drawn to brighter colors of yellows, oranges, and rusts. After the bright colors, I want to relax with blues and purples. 

I saw a sunset painting in purples that really intrigued me.  I love purples!!  I know they are often not the decorating color of choice but what the heck!  I’m making a purple sunset.

This quilt is a unique combination of purples which remarkably come in a wide range of varied colors.  Mixing with the purples are some light blues and pale pinks.  The foreground is very dark grey purples which can be land or water, use your imagination.  The low clouds of most sunsets are shown in medium grey/purple/blues.  Having a stash of over 500 different fabrics certainly comes in handy for a quilt like this.  For Sunset 61 I  found myself pulling out colors I rarely use.

The art quilt is stunning!  It would be the perfect wall art for a bathroom, office or even narrow wall in just about any room in your house.  Reconsider purple in your decorating scheme!

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