Beach and Dunes Art Quilt

This past week I made a new Ocean/Beach with Dunes art quilts, trying some new colors for the ocean and creating more artistic dunes. IMG_0313 I’m very happy with the final quilts and want to share my new ideas.  My Ocean/Beach scene quilts have always been popular but because they are less colorful, I tend to not be drawn to creating them as much as some other designs.  I decided to jazz up the colors a bit with a different blue green for the water instead of just a darkish blue as in my earlier beach quilts (see small photo).IMG_6196  I like the effect of different blues in the sky and the water.

Then I wanted to try some different piecing to create the effect of sand dunes.  I used 7 different sand colored prints and batiks which I layered with rounded edges.  The small print IMG_0314and shade differences lend depth and texture to the quilt which I really like.  A final new design feature was to do some painting with thread and include some clumps of grasses.  You can see the dunes in a close up here.

I wasn’t sure how to manage the general quilting, which is free motion irregular curved rows, with regards to the grasses….should I quilt the background first and then add the grasses over it?  should I put in the grasses and quilt over them?  should I put in the grasses and quilt up to them but not over them?  I decided on the third option but I think doing the back ground quilting and ADDING the grasses over that quilting would also work.  Interestingly, the sequence of stitching is important to how it appears on the quilt.  Definitely I wanted the grasses to be dominant.

I have a second Ocean and Dunes quilt (#4) pieced but not yet quilted.  I think I will try the background quilting first and add the grasses over it with this next one.

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